What is my continued interest in the FMSD? As a 28-year resident of Fort Mill, I want to make sure our tax dollars make the most impact, maintaining our local property values, and knowing that the most important thing we, as a society, can do is to educate our youth. Furthermore, after raising two successful children through the FMSD, I now have two grandchildren in our schools as well as two daughters teaching in the district. I say I have a heavily vested interest in the continued success of FMSD! I hope you agree.

With the continued astronomical growth of our student population, I believe more than ever it is critical to maintain stability at the Board level, and my years of experience will serve well in this capacity.

Also, as you will see in my service record, I believe everyone has an obligation to participate in community service. My thoughts are summed up well in this quote attributed to Mohamed Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”  And as is the creed of Rotary International, “Service Above Self.”