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WRHI Close-up Interview on 10/30/18

WRHI Interview

Hear From The Candidates

Check out what the nine candidates had to say when asked why they are the best candidate for the job. Remember, you may cast your vote on Nov.6 for UP TO four candidates.


High School Attendance Zone Public Hearing

The public is invited to Nation Ford High School on Monday, Oct. 1 @ 7pm to our consultant, Dr. Dale Holden, present some options for realigning the high school attendance zones in order to populate Catawba Ridge High School (opening for ’19-’20 school year) and relieve crowding at the two high schools. From there the district will receive public feedback and the administration will make a recommendation to the school board at their work session on Oct. 23. The school board will make their final decision at their regularly scheduled public meeting on Nov. 6.

Update From Board Meeting – Aug. 28, 2018

Quick update from last night’s board meeting.

Last evening we recognized our staff with 20, 25, and 30 year longevity awards. Quite a large number of employees, and a shining example of a key piece of what makes our schools so strong. Many thanks to all of those that have dedicated so many years of their lives to caring for and educating our students.

On Day 7 (yesterday), FMSD surpassed the projected 16,000 mark for student population, with a year over year growth of 1165 new students. This is inline with our rolling 10-year facilities needs plan, though a little ahead of projections.

As of the close of business this Friday, FMSD will add TCES and BTMS to the list of schools with frozen attendance. They will overflow to PKES and FMMS respectively. Already frozen GHES overflows to PKES also, and DBES overflows to SFES. More freezes are to be expected until new schools are brought online in 2020 and 2021.

In other action, the board was able to lower the debt service recommended increase from 129 mils, as proposed with the 2018 bond referendum, to only 121 mils, due in part to taking significant draw-downs of our prior impact fee reserves. These reserves are traditionally used to help stabilize the millage rates from year to year. With the passage of the new impact fee ordinance , the board had hoped to keep it flat at the current 115 mils, however ongoing litigation has prompted us to find alternative methods to meet our bond repayment schedule in the interim. Being fiscally responsible enables the district to maintain the best interest rates for our taxpayers.


Welcome to my 2018 Reelection Campaign site!  I hope you find the content interesting and helpful o learn about my candidacy and what I bring to the board.  Please, if you have any questions about me, how you can help with my campaign, or desire information about a current FMSD topic, please use the contact me section to send me an email, I will do my best to provide a prompt reply. Thank you for visiting!

It’s Official!

Filing For the Fort Mill School Board is complete!
Thanks in advance for your support.