It has been an honor to serve two terms as a FMSD Trustee, and I am hopeful that I will be elected for a third term. Our school district repeatedly is ranked #1-2 among traditional public schools in the state of SC and ranks in the top 5% nationally. This ranking is not achieved nor sustained without a lot of hard work of many intelligent and thoughtful people and the strong support of the community. Being the fastest growing district in the SC brings with it many special challenges, different than most other districts in the state, yet we have been able to sustain our high ranking through strong leadership within the Administration and the Board.

This election cycle there are four seats open with two incumbents running. The board I have been a part of for 9 years has demonstrated consistently an ability to keep the best interest of the entire district in view while keeping the well-being of the students in the forethought of all our decisions, and we have achieved success. This is said while recognizing that we have many challenges still ahead of us and areas in which we can continue to improve (e.g. achievement gaps, CATE offerings, dual credit courses, etc), so I am asking that my constituents choose to support continuity in this effort by affording me another term as Trustee of FMSD.